About Us


Currently, the company is made up of five local associates’ all located in the town of Port Vila. These associates have remarkable wealth of experience, knowledge and skills for over a decade in the areas of their respective consulting expertise with proven examples of quality and excellence of services they have delivered.

The future of the company is oriented towards bridging the gap experienced at various levels of business communities such as the gap experienced between the elites and the non-elites, the gap of digital literacy, education literacy, and the gap within the social communities of church grouping, youths and women. Giving an example of embracing ICT for market vendors to be able to advertise and sell their products online is using ICT to bridge the gap between vendors and global marketplace.

This is a company that will excel with a dynamic and vibrant team that drives objective based and achievements within time frame.

  • Vision – An innovative, Unique and inspiring smart society of choice
  • Mission – Enabling Growth and innovation in society through smart choices to achieve excellence
  • Values – Aspiring to fully commit on delivering excellence
  • Our Business Objective – to advance practical solutions that have been developed with better understanding of the environment and the culture of which solutions will be tailored towards